If You Don’t Know About MonaVie Yet – You Should…

Actually, MonaVie is several different things all at once… I know that sounds a bit confusing – so let me explain. MonaVie is ALL of the following:

First and foremost MonaVie is Liquid Nutrition. When you use it regularly you notice hair and nails grow faster and longer. I sleep much deeper when drinking higher amounts ( about a glass a day).

MonaVie is a delicious health beverage made from 19 fruits and berries from around the world. The primary berry is the Brazilian ‘Acai’ that has been shown to help reduce inflammation throughout the body. They also have a product for the immune system called ‘Mmune’, and a product for cardiovascular health as well.

MonaVie is the BEST Acai drink I have been involved with. The Brazilian Acai Berry has been shown to reduce inflammation throughout the body. To see the science behind MonaVie… click here.

Would you like to try a free sample of MonaVie on me?.. Or if you would you like to talk about the possibilities of having your very own MonaVie business from home – then feel free to call me directly.

You can catch me at my home office (817) 292-6146 or on my cell at (817) 291-4914 and let’s have a chat.