When It Comes To Vitamin E, …Don’t Go Cheap

Vitamin E has been getting major press for a long time now.I’s gone from “gotta have it” to “better not take it” back to “Can’t live without it” back to right now as of May 2012 some new evidence is coming out saying that it does not help, and may even be bad in high-doses.

Those of you who know me know I’ll tell you when to go cheap and save a few bucks on a supplement, or when to shell-it-out… So one thing’s for sure… If you’re going to use a Vitamin E Supplement, Don’t Go Cheap! Vitamin E is an oil and can go rancid if not processed and handled properly. Now, that won’t kill you, but it generates free radicals that have been shown to damage cells. When it comes to ANY kind of Oil… Get the good stuff.

I say — let’s eat some Wheat Germ!… Wheat Germ is super-high in bioavailable Vitamin E. Many times just adding in the right food containing large amounts of a given vitamin can make a huge difference