Toxic and Chemical Free Household Cleaning Products…

Thank God for Neways or I’d still be dying. I was (am) allergic to EVERYTHING! It got so bad my poor wife couldn’t even use the store-bought window cleaner anymore… Cleaning supplies, perfumes, counter top sprays… I couldn’t even walk down the aisle at the grocery store.

In my case, I started looking because of allergies, but stayed because they’re not only allergy free cleaners, because they’re also chemical and toxin free cleaners.

It’s no secret that toxins and chemicals are responsible for plenty of health maladies, maybe even cancer, and getting them gone is a good thing.

I also like that they deliver directly to my home, so in the summer, I don’t have to go out when the allergies are raging and kills my asthma — and me!

You might think about joining the wholesale shopper club they offer if you buy as much as us. That way you can get free shipping and a whole bunch of other goodies. We buy a bunch of different products each month so that works well for our family.

To check out their chemical and toxin free household cleaners, click here.