Medicinal Herbs & Immunity Go Hand-in-Hand…

Mankind has been using herbs for thousands of years by his very own instinct – in our natural state we would be roaming around nibbling on all the goodness of the earth, which is what?.. HERBS!

Yes, herbs are FOOD! That’s why they work! Amazing, huh?! Adaptogens are shown to bolster immunity – so that would mean… Ginseng. Suma, garlic and some others could be included, but why take tons of herbs, gazillions of capsules, etc? I personally now try to go with…

LIQUID HERBS… Functional Beverages!
It is so much easier to take as much as your body needs by drinking something that tastes great as well as is good for you.

Now with enhanced technology, we are getting better-and-better herbal COMBINATIONS, and that is the way to do it!

Back to herbs for immunity, I believe that the BEST immune supporting overall product I have tested is called Mmune. It contains an all natural product called Wellmune by Biocera.

This product was developed at MIT, and represents a new generation of products to strengthen your immunity againt invaders.

The problem is that as we use more and different antibiotics, the bacteria and viruses are constantly re-adapting and causing science to need to develop new and more antibiotics, etc. etc. etc.

Worse yet, antibiotics kill off good flora in the colon – which some doctors say IS our immune system, so if after a bout with antibiotics if the person does not re-establish killed off flora with some sort of acidophilus – flora type product, one will very possibly soon give way to candida, which can open up a whole new host of problems.

Better to use an easy-to-take product around the house which promotes more ‘usage adherence’ thereby giving a greater chance to a successful outcome. If you didn’t go above, check out Mmune here. It’s well worth your time. If you didn’t already do so above.

Even if you use traditional supplementation, consider adding in a nutritional beverage as well.