If Your Dog has Cancer, Then Please Read This

If your facing the illness of a beloved pet, it can be devastating – and dogs are… well, Man’s BEST friend!

There seems to be a proliferation of cancer in pets now (just as in people) and the worst part is that it was so hard to find anything that really worked.

To make matters worse, there didn’t seem to be much one could do about it until recently.

There best thing I’ve come across for not only cancer in dogs (and other pets) is from a company called Aloha Medicinals that specializes only in healing mushrooms like reishi, cordeceyps, and some others that have been having some incredible success in helping people with dog cancer specifically.

I’ve been checking out their mushrooms as well as “Transfer Factor” – both are having tremendous results fighting cancer in dogs. The best healing mushrooms for people and pets I’ve uncovered so far.

You might want to pick up their great little book called – “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer”