Hernia Help and Resources

If you suspect you have an internal hernia, your doctor will probably want to do a herniorrhaphy (a hernia exam). Hernias are nothing to play with — you must take them seriuosly. Women get hernias as well as men – mostly from childbirth.

There are many different kinds of hernia such as: morgagni hernia, obturator hernia, inguinal ligament, spigelian hernia, many of them internal. If you have an internal hernia, you must seek halp. Do not try to Doctor yourself — you could die.

The definition of a hernia is when material from inside are squeezing through a tear in the muscle. A hernia is reducible, but it still needs to be fixed proper by a Doctor who specializes in hernias. If you get what’s called a “striangulated hernia” you must seek help right away. Striangulated means the organs have come through the muscle wall and become”stuck.”

A diaphragmatic hernia can be particularly tough. If you have a diaphragmatic hernia the very first thing you should do is lose weight!… It’s hard to imagine how hard the extra weight is since it wants to keep pushing out through the muscle wall. If you’ll lose weight the pushing from inside you will be less — and, you’ll reduce the risk of aggravating the hernia while seeking treatment.

Probably the two most common hernias are the small intestine hernia, and the umbillical hernia (that’s what I’ve got!… Uuugghh!) The umbillical hernia is more common than you think. I got mine from coughing extremely hard during an asthma attack. Women will often get them during childbirth. To see what Wikipedia says about hernias, go here.

Cats can get hernias too. They sometimes will suffer a diaphrammatic hernia after being hit by a vehicle, but still surviving.

You might want to try a hernia belt. After you’ve gotten a hernia you must protest so as to increase the size of the tear in the muscle wall. I have tried several… I just got them at the drug store. I’ve done well with one I made ;-( and one I bought a Walgreen’s. Hernia belts can be hard to find. If you have a local Walgreen’s just go there, or if you don’t, go here.

I actually have done pretty well with the one I’ve fashioned from a regular belt with a few tweeks. My hernia is at my bellybutton (umbillical hernia).