The Very First Thing You Should Do Is Food…

Yep… I know that’s not what you were looking for, but I really think that most herbs should be off limits to cats except grass and catnip.

There are a few other herbs, but it’s simply not worth the risk to your little loved-one.


So many times we are looking for some exotic fix, but the reality is that animals are no different than us – they need SUPERIOR FOOD for their bodies to function properly.

We were feeding our cats (all 7 of ’em!) Iam’s until this last “deadly animal food” scare came out and it really woke me up and made me stop and really take a look at the ingredients in the food we’d been giving them.

Boy did I get my eyes opened! The junk they put in the off-the-shelf food is truly amazing! It really should be against the law to even market that stuff!

Anyway, I was in the Health Food Store (God knows I spend enough time – and money – in that place! LOL!) and I came upon an end cap on one of the aisles and there was a bushel basket full of these little silver bags of food on special for cats.

Now, I’ve this one little cat that I love (her name is ‘Bunky’) and when I found her as a tiny baby she was dehydrated and undernourished.

I gave her the best of everything I could find, but she grew up small and the hair on her forearms was really thin because she’d be chewing at them all the time.

The Vet said she had allergies, but after we started giving her the Wysong that I had bought in the health-food store, she stopped chewing on her arms and the hair grew back!.. I was so happy!

So then I started giving it to all the other cats too and I must say we are REALLY happy about the results.

You can buy it at some stores, but it’s pretty specialty, so I just get it from Wysong directly (I think you probably save a couple bucks, too). You can find Wysong here.