Best Healthy Oils You Need to Use and Their Benefits…

Healthy fats and oils are critical to a healthy system and luckily getting great oils is now easier than ever! Never before have we had such a great selection of healthy oils to choose from… and we also now have the technology to test them for quality and purity.

Did you know that your brain runs primarily on oils and sugars (the RIGHT kind of sugar, of course!) and in females it is said that many hormones are made from fats and oils (this is the reason many people have come out against low-fat diets) and of course people have been cleaning with Lemon Oil for ages as well as drinking Peppermint! It’s true — oil IS everywhere.

Both hydrogenated oil and canola oil have been given more bad press than good. As of late many well-know Doctors and Wellness Researchers are recommending people try to avoid consuming theses oils. for a while Canola Oil seemed to be popular, but that was probably just media-driven — who knows?… Now they say it’s bad — Uuugghh! I personally do not use these two oils.

It doesn’t matter anyway since there are really only 4 basic healthy oils that we are concerned with here. Everyone probably needs to take and use these oils regularly… They are as follows:

Olive Oil – Could one ever say enough about olive oil?… What it does for the hair, skin, nails, brain has been long shown in history — I’ve been thinking about importing some olive oils myself so I can bring some REAL QUALITY OLIVE OIL to market… Drop me an email if you’re interested in obtaining some REAL OLIVE OIL if I decide to do this.

Sunflower Oil- This is our basic cooking and frying oil. It is just wonderful frying just about anything. Low heat works well. Readily available and not too expensive.

Sesame Oil- The most basic oil of Asian cooking is, of course, sesame oil. It’s benefits have been known for ages. We just don’t use a lot of it here in the States, but if you go to a health cooking lifestyle I’ll show you how to use it.

Flax Seed Oil- Flax seed oil benefits are simply undeniable. It is also sometimes called linseed oil. Flax seed oil is one of the most important… See the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig. Flax seed oil must NEVER be cooked with, it will destroy the oil and generate free radicals in the oil — it must be kept cold.

For women especially, there is another very important oil. it is:

Primrose Oil- Primrose oil benefits the entire female glandular system. It has been said female hormones are made from fats and oils. Many women report benefits of better mood, less menopause, etc.

The other healing type oils are Essential Oils… These are basically the “blood of the plant” and have been used for ancient times — you can find out more about essential oils here.

While there are of course, many other types of oils, and each one has benefit of some kind, most of them are not healing or good cooking oils. We are only focused on the simple, quailty route that’s still affordable and works well without waste.

Some of the other oils you will come across frequently are:

Safflower oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc. These are not nearly as healthy as the other oils although peanut oil and corn oil are both widely used in the restaurant industry, they are fairly lower quality, cheaper oils. I do not use them.

Castor oil is considered to be a medicinal oil for the most part. It has old roots as a remedy for constipation, and… it still works as well today for that as it did back then. I tastes terrible and is hard-to-take — better to just have a healthy salads with some olive oil and keep your colon well-hydrated!