Restoring Your Health Is Not As Hard As You May Think!

Restoring your health definitely does take a change or two, but it can be done — slowly or quickly… Depending upon your desire, dedication, and need.

Health restoration should be food-based – that is, we are only going to use whole foods and herbs.

Food is the fuel for the body, and herbs are simply food that has been dried, ground, and encapsulated.

Much of it will be based on liquids — Hippocrates Soup, Heavy Greens, Protein-type shakes, etc. This is especially good for those with Dysphasia (trouble swallowing).

It is said that a good, food-based diet will also help restore behavioral health and mental health. Obviously, EVERYONE can benefit in MANY WAYS by using these time-tested methods to restore health.

One of the first things you’ll need to do on your journey to health restoration is to get a hold of a good, easy to use multiple-herb ensemble.

I prefer one that’s pocket sized, and a spray — just a couple spritzes of tasty spray to take — no capsules! I would recommend one that’s put out by EPX… It’s an adaptogen, and very effective — I know the President of this company and he puts out good stuff…You can check it out here.

If you are looking to restore digestive health, go to the Restore Digestive Health page.

Some of the ingredients you’ll need to help with your restoration of health will be best gotten from The Gerson Society. Their protocol involves adding in whole foods and… removing all toxic substance so the body can begin to heal itself. You can find them at