Fish Oil Can Be Awesome — But Know What You’re Buying…

People love fish oil because it’s benefits are so immediate and apparent. Softer smoother skin, shinier hair, cardiovascular benefits, better blood pressure, increased brain performance, reduced joint pain, less inflammation, and many other benefits too numerous to mention.

I love fish oil for health and nobody can deny that clinical research is clearly in favor of taking fish oils for better health. I love fish but I have found myself eating less-and-less of it.

One problem is that fresh fish have become so contaminated with mercury, chemicals, parasites, etc.

Another problem is that the oils can become rancid very easily. It won’t kill you, but it is unhealthy. Some companies try to put garlic, etc in an attempt to make the product last longer by killing bacteria. It does work to a degree, but it’s hard to follow the supply chain. Flax seed oil is super-clean and extremely healthy.

If using fish oil be sure it’s the North Atlantic type — sardines are probably best. Krill is fine.

The super cold water fish have far less toxins and are much cleaner. I used to use one made Kyolic. I mostly just use flax seed oil and 2-4 fish oil capsules. Drop me a line and I’ll tell you which ones I use.

Maybe better to go vegetarian on this one and use flax seed oil. I personally use both together after an article I saw a few months ago suggesting it’s more effective to use fish oil AND flax seed oil together as they enhance each other.

Try different ways of doing it — see which one appeals to you. If you become dead set on fish oil, I would still recommend the flavored type that comes in a brown, food-grade plastic bottle. It’s a lot tastier and comes in flavors.