Eye Bright for the Eyes Supports Good Vision

Eye bright has a long, rich history of being invaluable for the vision. You will often see it spelled as eye brite, or eyebrite as well as the traditional spelling of eye bright – it’s all the same.

It can be taken as an herbal infusion (tea), but unless you have VERY STRONG taste buds, it is better when taken in capsules due to it’s taste.

I usually will recommend a combination herbal blend, but not in the case of Eye Bright – I believe it is better to seek out a highly concentrated single herbal product.

NSP makes a couple of really good products for the eyes…

I use a Champion juicer and juice primarily raw organic carrots — after juicing a couple days I can definitely notice a difference in my eyesight which supports the old adage of “carrots being “good” for your eyes.

Interesting Fact – The eyes are not considered a separate organ unto themselves – they are actually considered to be an extension of the brain!… Interesting.

This would help explain why fish oil is also good for the vision. Fish oil is also very good for the brain since the brain is fueled mostly by oils and sugars.