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There can be little question, based on scientific evidence, that toxins and chemicals in our everyday surroundings can have a profoundly negative effect on our health. It is getting harder and harder to live a toxic free life.

Detoxifying your body regularly requires chemical free foods and a chemical free diet. Today there are so many toxins in the home, toxins in beauty products, toxins in the atmosphere, toxins in nail polish, toxins in cologne... toxins are simply everywhere (including your home!) and this can overload the Liver, in particular, and make it harder for your body to detoxify optimally, and remain healthy.

Many Research Scientests have said many of the chemicals used in todays modern home can actually even cause cancer and other disease. The US Government has even banned and outlawed some pesticides, herbacides, and chemical additives.

Part of living a detoxifying lifestyle includes a toxin free diet along with the use of as many toxic free products as possible. I use . I have asthma and I am especially sensitive to additives and smells. They've got toxic free products products for cleaning and personal care. They've eliminated many of the toxins in cleaning products as well as personal care and offer a line of toxin free products such as:

Chemical free hairspray
Chemical free mascara
Toxin free shampoo
Chemical free sunscreen spray
Chemical free face wash
Toxin free makeup
Chemical free moisturizer
Chemical free soaps
Toxin free cosmetics
Chemical free baby products
Chemical free sunscreen spray
Toxin free nail polish
Chemical free foundation
Chemical free mascara

All resulting in a chemical free home and a toxin free lifestyle. You cannot even smell the counter cleaner!... No additives -- What joy to me as an asthma sufferer. Sisel is the best toxic free beauty brand out there -- bar none. You can find them here.

"When it comes to herbs it's always it's a question of not only getting the ratios of the herbs right to acheive the desired result (and that can be VERY challenging to do since combining of multiple herbs is now widely accepted as the most efficient way to take herbs) but also of having a clean herb that's been quarantined, tested for purity and saponins, etc... If you give me a call or email me, I can tell you where to get them already done right and well put together."

For online herbal remedy help, please contact me - being a dedicated Herbalist myself with over 20 years experience, I can get you pointed in the right direction. To speak to me directly call (817) 292-6146 and ask for Lee Perry, or for online herbal advice or questions... email me here.

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