The C Diff Virus CAN Kill You – Rise of The Superbugs

The C Diff Superbug is a up and coming member of the new “resistant strains” category which is truly scary. These “Superbugs” no longer respond to treatment with regular antibiotics. They have evolved. I had C Diff so bad I was becoming unable to swallow (dysphagia) and was dropping weight like a rock. They finally had to give me a special antibiotic called Vancomycin ($700 USD for the prescription!) that currently is the last-string effort for this devastating illness. First-string is usually Flagyl. After this, fecal implantation may be the only option.

If you are not able to get it under control – fast – you may be hospitalized so you can receive a cdiff Vancomycin IV drip. If this doesn’t work, you may be in trouble – it CAN kill you!

The C Diff bacteria is actually a virus. It’s scientific name is “Clostridium Difficile” although it is generally referred to simply as “c diff.”

It comes usually from hospitals, but can also be spread by fecal matter and a few other ways, even sexually. Salad bars are a particularly good place to pick up c difficile. If left unchecked, cdiff can destroy your colon and your health fast.

First rule is to keep your immune sytem strong, so any of the immune-building herbs will help you build resistance, and stay stronger. But once you have it (cdiff), you will need to have an AGGRESSIVE protocol. Some very good treatments include…

Betaine – A digestive enzyme made from beets that eats clostridium in the digestive trac. Very popular among cattle raisers for it’s low-cost yet high effectiveness. Available at any health food store.

High Oxygen – C diff does not like high oxygen. As part of my protocol, I used a product that are oxygen drops. Available at any health food store.

Grapefruit Seed Extract – Grapefruit Seed Extract has a ton of overwhelming science behind it it as a powerful natural antibacterial/antimocrobial. Citricidel is the brand I use. Available at any health food store.

Silver – Silver never ceases to amaze me for it’s antibacterial qualities. Lots of scientific validation. I will only use NSP SilverSol. It’s got the strength, plus it’s safe. Available at some health food stores.

Transfer Factor – Tranfer Factor, or “TF” as it’s often called has a unique ability to MODULATE (regulate) the immune system. A company called 4Life Research makes the best. Available at some health food stores, but not many. Better to get it online.

If during the bout with C Diff a person cannot swallow (dysphagia), they may need a liquid diet for awhile. I used a whole-food complex “milk-shake” type of drink during my illness. Worked very well and kept me healthy.

Lately there is much more study about fecal transplants and how they are saving some people. For more info about fecal implants be sure to check out They are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those suffering with cdiff.