Bromelain Works for Asthma,
Allergies And Inflammation

Bromelain is absolutely a mind-blowing, works-well enzyme that's a real helper for Allergies, Asthma, and Inflammation.

Bromelain is most used as a digestive enzyme (sourced from pineapple) and is known to give tremendous relief.

I CAN PERSONALLY ATTEST TO THIS - With my asthma, If I will just take around 400-500 mg of bromelain first-thing in the morning on an empty stomach, I not only breathe better the rest of the day, but my digestion is MUCH better, and as a plus, my joints don't hurt nearly as much.

Bromelain has been shown to reduce inflammation, but you need to take it on an empty stomach - otherwise, it'll just digest the incoming food and not do it's other work. When taken on an empty stomach, it is also part of a Candida regimen. It eats Candida.

I believe it works because more and more we are seeing that EVERYTHING is tied to colon health. It all starts there. When the bromelain is taken on an empty stomach, it digests food proteins and helps keep them from leaking through the colon back into the bloodstream.

Bromelain is inexpensive and I don't think you need to spend a lot of money on it. I use a middle-of-the-road brand (Solaray).

Make sure to take it with every meal as well. You'll need digestive enzymes, too. Get good ones...

"When it comes to herbs it's always it's a question of not only getting the ratios of the herbs right to achieve the desired result (and that can be VERY challenging to do since combining of multiple herbs is now widely accepted as the most efficient way to take herbs) but also of having a clean herb that's been quarantined, tested for purity and saponins, etc... If you give me a call or email me, I can tell you where to get them already done right and well put together."

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