Amazon Herbs... Pau d' Arco,
Suma and Taheebo, Acai...

The Brazilian Rainforest is an absolutely incredible place and it's own entire ecosystem. Many yet undiscovered medical secrets.

Most of the Big-Time Pharma companies are down there (as well as everywhere else) looking or that next herb, root, creature, whatever, so they can patent a molecule and make a killing in the process.

Why chance all the side-effects of drugs when you can get such great Brazilian medicinal herbs right here in the States. Just a few are:

Pau d'Arco - My first exposure to Brazilian herbs was when I had a go with candida and was looking for an herbal remedy... that herb was Pau d'Arco - King of antifungal herbs... immune stimulator and more. The very best Taheebo comes from the inner bark of the Taheebo tree.

Suma Herb - Suma in Brazilian means SUM - as in the "sum total of everything"... Like everything...

Uña de Gato - (Cat’s Claw) [Immune] is found in the South American rainforest. It is particularly beneficial to the immune and structural systems, offering support to the joints. The inner bark of this vine provides beneficial alkaloids. These types of herbs also work very well as herbal infusions - that is, as an herbal healing teas along with taking the capsules (if you can do that) for a much pronounced effect...

Some good capsules of Taheebo or Una de Gato can be opened and poured into a cup of hot water - but the lid must be kept on or a saucer put over it to capture the essential oils that get lost in the steam vapor.

Over the past three years I have been working a lot with not a Brazilian herb, but a Brazilian fruit called Acai that has been shown to reduce inflammation including organs such as the brain, joints, and tissues. We'll be talking about it more in the newsletter as we go.

These are some of the single medicinal herbs that have shown to be most effective, but combinations of herbs is really the way to go. Much more value.

"When it comes to herbs it's always it's a question of not only getting the ratios of the herbs right to achieve the desired result (and that can be VERY challenging to do since combining of multiple herbs is now widely accepted as the most efficient way to take herbs) but also of having a clean herb that's been quarantined, tested for purity and saponins, etc... If you give me a call or email me, I can tell you where to get them already done right and well put together."

For online herbal remedy help, please contact me - being a dedicated Herbalist myself with over 20 years experience, I can get you pointed in the right direction. To speak to me directly call (817) 292-6146 and ask for Lee Perry, or for online herbal help or questions... email me here.

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