The Best Herbs for High Blood Pressure…

Herbs have long been used to help with the internal organs.

In Chinese medicine, the health of the heart is directly tied into the kidneys. In America, kidney disease is running rampant, and there could possibly be a correlation.

Garlic – When it comes to the best herbs for blood pressure, there can still be only one King – GARLIC! I don’t go the expensive — I use Allicin 600 from the Vitamin Shoppe.

The materia medica touts Garlic as THE herbal food for blood pressure since the beginning of it’s recordings.

I love to eat it -but some folks can’t take the taste of a medicinal garlic. For those folks there is odorless garlic. I have used Kyolic and it works very well.

Hawthorne – Even mentioned by Wm Shakespeare himself, the hawthorn berry has been long noted to have cardiovascular strengthening qualities.

Capsicum – This incredible Chile Pepper remind us of the healing power of – HOT PEPPERS!…

These are both herbal medicinals that can be bought inexpensively – no need to spend a fortune.

Or, you can get a blend — that’s my choice… NSP is my choice… Fish Oil is a must for heart-health as well.