L Argenine… Is the Stuff Really THAT Good?!

L. Argenine is a Free Form Amino Acid that really started taking off like crazy after it was featured on National TV in several prominent places. There is soooo much clinical data to support L. Argenine that it simply cannot be ignored. Lots of Big-Time Doctors still rave about it’s benefits.

I use it every day (sometimes twice a day) on an empty stomach. You just stir it up in water and drink it… Easy! There is a ton of data that suggests the cardiovascular system is much helped by this product. It’s also said to help hemorrhoids tremendously.

It all has to do with something called nitric oxide… You can find all the science online. Just Google “nitric oxide” or “L. Argenine”…

I have been using one from EPX Body as of late and I am liking it a lot. I know the owner there and he is is a really good guy putting out a really good product. You can check it out here.

There was a company around for a while that had a machine that showed how L. Argenine helped remove plaque from the arterial wall after drinking it. It was FDA approved and very convincing… Personally, I prefer clinical data.

It would be hard to say who really has the best L. Argenine… There are a lot of really good products out there, but since it is a fairly simple supplement it is readily available and fairly inexpensive. Get it at any Health Food store, or online.

And by the way, to answer the opening question… Yes… The stuff really is that good!