Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments & Herbs

Hemorrhoids (also called piles) can be caused by many things, but usually undo stress to the anus during childbirth, or straining to use the restroom… The second is easily avoided by eating lots of fiber, and don’t use the restroom until your body is ready – it’s many times the strain of TRYING to go to the bathroom and FORCING that breaks the fine hemorrhoidal veins and causes the problem.

Of course, diet is a HUGE factor in hemorrhoids… Going vegetarian for a short time will often help. I can personally say that if I eat either pork, or deli lunch meat, it will irritate my hemorrhoids. A soon as I stop eating the bad stuff — they return back to normal

I have safely gone to only one meal a day for two to three days at time and it has made a big difference. It gives the colon time to rest… And you MUST take digestive enzymes and use olive oil dressed salads to help lubricate the colon so when using the rest-room you don’t keep breaking and irritating the hemorrhoids.

If you can even get your self to fast one day a week it will work wonders for your colon health AND your hemorrhoids! Go for one meal a day for three days then fast on the fourth day, then resume taking in HEALTHY things like the green salad… The green salad should be the core meal.

There are natural hemorrhoid treatments out there, the hardest thing is just finding one that works!

One I came across that’s a very popular hemorrhoid treatment that’s fast, safe, and inexpensive can be found here.

For most people, hemorrhoid surgery is just not an option, and there are herbs, etc. that really help. It’s also important to make sure that the colon is not too dry. If it is, it can really play havoc with your hemorrhoids. Make sure you are well hydrated, and if necessary, use a glycerin suppository to lubricate the colon and prevent more damage, or irritating the current problem.