You Must Have The PROPER B Vitamins For Proper Health…

The effect that the B Vitamins has on your overall well-being is truly hard to grasp — the other thing that is amazing is how one small thing LIKE being deficient in one of the B Vitamins, such as Vitamin B12 — well known as the energy Vitamin, can alter your entire health and wellness profile so quickly… This is why people will often go to the Doctor to get a Vitamin B12 injection.

Better is to work the B’s into your daily diet. If you’re going to take a supplement — like a B12 supplement which I myself do, try using the sublingal (under the tongue) as it provides the B12’s absorption directly into the system very rapidly.

Oddly enough, I had a headache not long ago and an herbalist friend told me I might need some B’s so I put a couple under my tongue and it worked great. I had been taking them, but got lax because I had been tweaking my diet an focusing on the greens and felt I was getting enough B’s — maybe not.

Vitamin B12 is stored in your liver and unfortunately is expendable… This is why it must be replenished as the liver only stores enough for a while.

Other B Vitamins are needed for a whole range of bio-activities including the biggie — digestion. B Vitamins truly are critical for so much.

When it comes to an all around B Vitamin, I just use Solaray. It’s not too expensive and it works great — it is in a capsule though, mostly because it’s a full-range multiple B Vitamin. It’s a very good product and highly accessible in any health food store or online.