Herbs For Asthma and Allergies Have a Special Place in My Heart!

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with “Adult Onset Asthma.” That was my first REAL introduction to the world of Pharmaceuticals.

Being an Herbalist – I immediately began to seek out and even specialize in herbs for asthma at first – but they were not working the way I felt they should, so I sought out the advice of a really cool “old-school” Doc friend of mine who happens to really understand and respect.

After a couple visits with him, we got to the real culprit…


That took me on the journey to understand how anti-inflammatory herbs work together with the other herbs for allergies and as of today I am breathing more freely than ever!

Some common herbs for asthma and allergies are:

Blessed Thistle –

Catnip –

Pleurisy Root –

Yerba Santa Herb –

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It’s always more effective to use combinations. Be sure to keep your mind open to other ideas, foods, etc. to get a grasp on your breathing. Food allergies is such a big one we’ll cover it.

Fish Oil is a big help in asthma… It reduces inflammation as well as digestive enzymes so between them both, you can get the inflammation down pretty well.

I notice if I wait until later in the day to eat, it really helps my asthma as well. I believe this is because of food allergies. After I eat I can tell how allergic I am to that food just by how fast I’ll need an inhaler.