Anti-Inflammation Medicinal Herb Combinations & Foods

Inflammation – or I should say “anti-inflammation” — is THE big Buzz right now, and with good reason. Many prominent M.D.s and Research Scientests’ are claiming that inflammation is THE precursor to most disease.

Food appears to be the primary cause of inflammation – although there are other causes as well. Sugar is the primary culprit of inflammation in terms of food – – but once again, there are others, too.

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Most inflammation has been treated with drugs – mostly NSAID type (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) – but as usual – there ARE side-effects.

Many herbs have been shown to have anti-inflammatory qualities, but the more notable ones are:

Nopal – The stuff is nothing short of amazing. Comes from the Nopal Cactus. Many Doctors are endorsing this product wholeheartedly.

Acai – From the Rain Forest… Works, but not inexpensive and a little difficult to sort through them all. I prefer MonaVie… The quality is quite good.

Harpagophytum – Not seen as often but still with some merit.

Hyssop – Common, cheap, and effective, but a combo or Nopal Juice is better. If you are just going to get a couple single herbs (if the condition is say – not too bad) no need to spend a fortune.

Some others are ginger, Turmeric, Arnica montana which contains helenalin, a sesquiterpene lactone, and willow bark, which contains salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Cannabichromene, one of the many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, has been shown to reduce inflammation.

I have been working with the Nopal Cactus lately as well as a Brazilian fruit called Acai… Very impressive results on both.

The results on the Nopal Cactus and inflammation has been blowing my mind! For me it’s just been finding the right product… I have tried numerous Nopal products, but I prefer a juice-style product that works super fast with lots of doctor supported data and scientific validation.

The best Nopal is made by a company in Phoenix and it’s called Nopalea… They have a VERY INFORMATIVE little film about what makes this THE best Nopal product out there.