Anti – Anxiety Herbs Really Work! And No Side-Effects!

Herbs are such an incredible alternative to all the prescription anti anxiety remedies out there – in fact, this may be one of the most important contributions to the alternative herbal medicine field that herbs has to offer!

Herbal anti anxiety uses date back thousands of years and is well recorded in history. Herbal combinations work best (as usual) and some of the better ones can be gotten here next week, or you can call me for more info.

The top anti-anxiety herbs are:

Valerian Root – Smells terrible but works great – you’ll need this one in capsules… No tea!

Passion Flower – The Passaflora – used for many different things and shown to be beneficial to the nervous system.

Hops – Used to make beer and closely related to the marijuana plant!

Capsicum – Red pepper… Also shown to help heal ulcers and support the heart.

Black Cohosh – The Queen of all herbs.

Just a calming, relaxing herbal effect with NO SIDE-EFFECTS!


The BEST way to treat anxiety is to treat the whole nervous system since there may be other factors at work (low on B vitamins, etc.)…

Fish oils and lecithin are also powerful fuels that feed your brain what it needs. Use some every day to help keep your brain in tip-top condition. Fight Anxiety!