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No more going all over the web… Now you can just go to one website and get everything you need in medicinal herbs and natural health. Welcome.

Herbs and natural herb medicine has fascinated me since I can remember – I’ve been studying herbs and herbal medicine for over 20 years now. Of all the types of alternative medicine and treatments – herbal alternative medicine is by far my favorite.

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“It’s me, Lee – Teaching an Herbal Wellness Class”

Do you know where many medicines come from?.. From medicinal herbs and plants! A fair number of pharmaceuticals (approximately 25%) have their roots tied into natural herbal medicine. As we speak many big-pharma companies are down in the Brazilian Rainforest (and other interesting places) looking for the next big herbal medicine breakthrough…

Only problem is – they’re looking for a way to “patent a molecule” and make huge profits, rather than simply teach people that medicinal herbs as food can give the human body the raw-materials it needs to care for itself…

Now don’t get me wrong – allopathic medicine has it’s place – and in many cases can be life-saving – such as in accidents, and emergency operations – but now even our old friend ‘the antibiotic’ is suffering from over-use resulting in reduced effectiveness… Using herbs is a natural way to help keep the immune-system strong and functioning properly.

I have spent much time studying ALL the classic medicinal herbs… Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurvedic herbs, and Brazilian herbs as well as studying a variety of American herbs for individual ailments such as herbs for asthma, herbs for high blood pressure, herbs for high cholesterol, herbs for acne, and many other herbal remedies. On herbal remedies and herbal advice – I am here to help.

As of late I have become more and more interested in liquid herbs and herbal tinctures as you can take more of the herb with less swallowing of capsules, which for some can be difficult and for others even impossible.

Interestingly enough, in many other cultures the healing herbs are often simply blended into the daily eating ritual. Their healing herbs and eating herbs are often one in the same. It would make sense that’s where the famous quote by Aristotle came from: “Let thy food by thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food.”

There is a long list of books available on the subject of herbs and alternative herbal medicine so be sure to check out that page while you’re here.

“When it comes to herbs it’s always it’s a question of not only getting the ratios of the herbs right to achieve the desired result (and that can be VERY challenging to do since combining of multiple herbs is now widely accepted as the most efficient way to take herbs) but also of having a clean herb that’s been quarantined, tested for purity and saponins, etc… If you give me a call or email me, I can tell you where to get them already done right and well put together.”


For online herbal remedy help, please contact me – being a dedicated Herbalist myself with over 20 years experience, I can get you pointed in the right direction. To speak to me directly call (817) 292-6146 and ask for Lee Perry, or for online herbal help or questions… email me.